Malefic Flyff » V15 PvP-PvE Server

Server Information

Server statusOnline

Player online 23

Server Peak 36

Logins Today 1

Logins Yesterday 74

EXP Rate300x

Drop Rate100x

Penya Rate200x

Max Level129

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Donation Page

General Information

Donations on Malefic Flyff completely voluntary and therefore based on no consideration. However, in the course of our generosity, we would like to thank the donors for a reasonable donation. Of buy So you neither virtual items nor a virtual currency, but donate for the preservation of our server. Furthermore, we will not pay the amount of your donation if you want to withdraw a donation already processed for any reason, say: You do not get the money you donate back. If we have to reset the database for whatever reason, only the corresponding number will be displayed dP (= dPoint, donate points) Reimbursed.

Donation table

Paypal Usd


10 Usd
500 dP
20 Usd
1000 dP
30 Usd
1500 dP
50 Usd
3000 dP
80 Usd
5000 dP
100 Usd
6500 dP

Peso / Gcash


Peso/Gcash Remittances

Here you can donate via remittances! You can send your donation in this following branches.

Owners Information

Full Name: Rene D. Laluna
Address: Ibabao Agus Lapu lapu city 6015, Cebu
Tel. #: 384-8098 / CP #: +(63)929-675-2138
Gcash #: +(63)929-675-2138
Owners Facebook: Click Here

Take note:
Please inform the owner before you sending your donation. and send your proof of receipt in clear photo of the receipt. after you send wait atleast 12-18 hours.your dPoints will send to your account.


Donate Now!

Paypal is one of the safest online payment methods. You can easily send payments from your computer or go on bargain search in various online shops.

Before filling in the form, donate via Paypal. If you do not and you want to deceive us, there is a possibility that you are permanently excluded from the game operation.

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