Malefic Flyff » V15 PvP-PvE Server

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Server statusOnline

Player online 23

Server Peak 36

Logins Today 0

Logins Yesterday 74

EXP Rate300x

Drop Rate100x

Penya Rate200x

Max Level129

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find the answers to the most common questions.

I have donated, when do I get my dPoints?

When making a donation, the receipt must be checked. This takes an average of 12-18 hours. Please report any problems in the ticket system.

I have a suggestion \ / an idea for the server!

The best thing is to make suggestions in the forum. There, not only the team, but also players can judge how the change would make the game more pleasant. Of course you can also do this in-game for us.

What are the server rates?

300x Exp \/ 100x Drop \/ 200x Penya \/ Couple Exp 5x - Maximal level is 129.

How can I vote for the server and what does it do for me?

If you have logged in with your account data in the top left, three buttons will appear under the login with which you will be forwarded to three different Top100 pages. As a reward you will receive VotePoints (= VPs) with which you can purchase items in the shop.

My client doesn't start !!

For most players, this is due to the graphics settings. Try to set your settings to Middle under "Options" in the patcher. These correspond to the official FlyFF graphic and should not cause any problems.

Is this server accepting RMT system for players?

Yes we are allowing RMT system so that player can sell or buy real money to the players. But malefic flyff is not responsibility of any problem like scamming item/money.

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