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Malefic Flyff - Step by step

Step 1: Our server rules

Read our rules. You need to create an account for yourself, just this accept, that is why we ask you, read them carefully at least once. That avoids Misunderstandings and provides clarity on what is allowed on our server everything (and above all: what not).



In order to be able to ensure a regular game, it is logical to set some rules. We also represent the well-known motto in Germany: "Ignorance does not protect against punishment", so that a user is punished despite a lack of knowledge of the rule nevertheless for a violation.
We, the team members of Malefic Flyff, ask you, the community, to respect these rules and to notify us of any violations.

§ - Scamming

Any form of scamming against our code of conduct. Scamming includes, but-is-not-limited-to, the following: misleading shop titles, asking another player to purchase something for DP and backing out, placing Penya in the trade window instead of Perin when agreed upon a price beforehand.

§ - Account Sharing

Sharing accounts is not against the rules in the direct sense. However, when a shared account is related to a scam, hack or other rule violation the account will be banned, including all the accounts that are connected to it (no matter whom it has been shared with).

§ - Real Money Trading/Trading Between Games

Any trading, buying or selling between a game which is not Malefic flyff ( is strictly prohibited.

§ - Bug Exploiting

Players must not use or attempt to use any cheats or errors which they may find in our software. Any exploits a player finds must be immediately reported to our ticket support system or staff members on Discord.

§ - Staff/Player Impersonation

Players must not attempt to impersonate any of the Malefic staff and/or Malefic flyff players in any way, for any reason. If your name is similar to a staff member's name you might be asked to change your name, as it might be mistaken for staff impersonation.

§ - Begging/Begging Staff

Begging anyone of our staff members or players for (including but not limited to; items, penya, Perin) is not allowed.

§ - Attempt to Scam Staff of Items or Credit

Any attempt to use fake screenshots to gain either items, penya, Perin, DP or VP will result in a permanent ban.

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